This is only a few comments that I've received from customers like you.... I have done about fifteen families in the past year and it has been challenging but very rewarding.

Connect Me 2 My Roots has given me a life changing experience!  I was only three years old when my father died and I never had a relationship with my biological mother.  My paternal grandparents raised me and ignored my questions about my past.... I talked with Ms. Headen who took the little information that I'd given her and was able to find out so much about my family tree.  She took my family tree back at least four generations....  Thanks, B.R.

I have consulted the services of Connect Me 2 My Roots to find out about my maternal grandmother whose past is unknow by any relatives who are alive today.... I can't wait to find out the results!  Thanks, P.W.

Connect Me 2 My Roots have found more than 20 generations of my family tree, back to 1400.  I'm so excited!  Thanks, A.W.

I consulted with Connect Me 2 My Roots in 2010, and Ms. Headen astonished me when she gave me a photo of my grandfather twice removed.  Wow!  It was amazing!  Thanks so much, E.A.



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