If you'd like to learn more about your ancestors, then you have come to the right place! I can help you learn your family's unique history ... their origins, medical history, and their contributions toward your existence. You will become intimately connected to your ancestors and knowing more about them will help you know more about yourself. 

  • Who were your ancestors? 
  • What was their heritage?

With more than 25 years experience in researching both of my family histories, I can provide whatever support you require.  Whether it's a short ' look-up' or creating an entire family tree, checking birth, marriage and death indexes, or photographs.  It has been a very rewarding and intriguing journey for me.

I've turned my hobby into a professional service in order to help others trace their roots. When I began, I used to travel between states and counties gathering information.  I began my research at the early age of 14 years old.  Back in those days, there was no super-highway at your fingertips.  But thanks to the advancement of technology, it has eliminated the need to travel. 

I have a passion for researching family histories because my parents taught me at an early how important family is!

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